Science lab

Science Lab

"Thought is the soul of the act." College has well equipped Science labs Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The lab is fully equipped to impart the basic practical training of the undergraduates. Labs can meet the requirement of Higher Education , University & N.C.T.E. Students are engaged on to acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject as they enjoy a conceptual understanding of the subject. Education in its true form means we break away the shakes of ignorance and accumulate the knowledge of the Universe. Science as a subject is universal and knows no boundaries. Science almost revolutionaries human life and proved indispensable for existence of man. Today we are living in an "age of Science." Science teaches what evidence is, what proof is. Science should form an essential part of the curriculum as it the only subject which affords knowledge of certain facts and laws and helps in achieving the main subject of education. We live in a world of Scientific discoveries. So, Science education cannot be neglected. Science has its cultural value. Science provides discipline of mind.